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Holy crap what a race!!! Congrats to NICO!!! What and amazing drive for him. I liked when he said that even though he wasn't able to drive as fast as he wanted to at the end it was still a good race (saving those tires).

Glad to see Button was able to get back to P2 after that TERRIBLE EFFING PIT STOP...Stupid McLaren pit stops. You could tell on the radio and evne post-race interview he was SO disappointed. They just had that car dialed in.

Good job for Lewis to get P3.

Did anyone else notice the first graphic they showed for the Constructor's? LMAO! They had RBR with over 100 then Ferrari over 80 and McLaren at 55. I was screaming that couldn't be right. HAHA

What an overall fantastic race. Grosjean and Maldanado did a superb job not taking each other out with ~10 to go. Webba overtaking Seb at the end there. Feelsbadman.jpg for Kimi. Those tires just went to shit in a hurry. P2 to P10 in 1 lap. CRAZY.

Did anyone else notice that Ferrari seemed to catch a little more race pace this race? Seemed like Massa was able to be a little contending (until his tires gave out) as well as Alonso driving the panels off to compete with 10 to go.

Hats off to Williams to get 7 and 8. good points!