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Good News! Power Kit Includes Exhaust + Grills!(I think)

Hey guys, greetings from Isringhausen BMW in Springfield IL. I know there has been a long discussion going on about the power kit details, but I recieved some good news today.

When I built my car I added the Power kit, but the computer was not letting me add on the exhaust or black kidney grills. I emailed my parts rep and he confirmed with HQ that the power package (Z3B) INCLUDES M-exhaust and Black kidney grills at the MSRP of 1370....

So this is great news if you ask me and an absolutel no brainer to add one. Now as far as adding this package after the fact, I am not sure but the package code is Z3B, I will check with my parts department to see if they have a part #. Also the package is %10 off until Dec 31st. I'll keep you guys updated, seems too good to be true, but I comforted with the fact that the computer would not let me add the exhaust or grills after I added the power maybe there is a santa clause!