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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post

I came from a W204, too.

Haven't you answered your own question regarding speed? If you are breaking in according to the manual then you are not going to see top speed for 1000miles or so.

You won't need launch control, but yes it should have it, I say should, there are new orders that haven't got LC despite BMW's press release.
Lol, I should have been more clear. What I meant was once the car is broken in, some people say between 1200 - 1500 you should gradually increase revs before you attempt a top end run. So what I meant was did you guys just hammer it when it hit 1200 or did any of you gradually increase until 1500 and then kick the fook out of it?

In regards to LC, I hope it does. Will let you guys know once it arrives.

Originally Posted by DasUberbadger View Post
Another vote here for BMW tint and 19"s. My previous E90 (320 SE) felt like it had the Flintstones' car wheels + suspension on the pothole-ridden ride to work, but the 330 with 19s, msport suspension + comfort setting is brilliant over the same shite Cheshire terrain.

Plus it looks the fecking business which TBH trumps practicality any day

If it helps any, I spent months twiddling the configurator to get the best monthly figure, and settled on Pro Nav, Vis, comfort pack and MSport+ as essentials, with leccy mirrors, HUD (ohhhh the HUD), VSS (brilliant) and sun protection glass as luxuries. Couldn't be happier with it.
Thanks for the advice with the finance, however I wont be using it. Fortunately for me I am not paying for the car. (One of the perks of managing my fleet.)

Originally Posted by MarkG335 View Post
I've had some very good aftermarket tints however you'll be looking at 200-250 for a quality job with no peeling/bubbles. Done properly they can look great - but not OEM.

Due to the fact aftermarket tints are a film, they go over the top of any shading on the glass (i.e. black or speckled edge to the glass) which can look nasty. I don't have my F30 yet so not sure if this will apply.

The positive is you can choose the level on tint, I used to have limo black on the rear, fading through dark to light on the front window (before that was made illegal!). They also tend to cut out more heat than the factory glass in my experience.

My advice though, go with factory if at all possible.
I totally agree what you say about cutting out more heat than factory glass. Its purely on this basis i'll be getting a good quality aftermarket job done.

And BTW, 250 for tints? Your getting robbed mate. I have had my last six cars done by the same place (back windows only) using good quality materials all for around the 100 - 120 mark each time.
They also come with a lifetime warranty, so if you get any peeling or bubbles you just drive in and they replace it there and then. Peeling only ever happened once to me due to the Mrs putting down the window before the film has cured. Never had bubbles.
I do understand what your saying about specled and shaded areas, but unless you get within 30cm of the car you are not going to notice it.