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Originally Posted by steadymoddn504
Originally Posted by steadymoddn504 View Post
i second that 1.fresh... me personally i have the base model and upgrading to the sportline foglight grills only(35 a pop). still debating on the whiskers tho..i guess ill see how it looks once theyre on there and how bad my ocd kicks in and take it from there.

imo, its personal preference.
FYI sportline fog grills dont fit on the base model but only by a couple of missing inserts and overall whole foglight bumper dimension

had that one coming bc of different bumpers but it didnt hurt to try plus the parts guy wasnt sure either so i went with it. dnt judge me

with that being said, my plans for a gloss black theme (m performance grills+black chrome tips+gloss black fog grills w/black whiskers) are a no go..

i was trying to go for the perfect gloss black trifecta looks wise...tellem franco
I did it to my base line, you have to trim a couple of tabs but me and a few others have done it. Mines sit perfectly flush and I wrapped them in red it matches perfect and in my opinion it looks like it came that way here's a pic
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