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$75/year in texas beats the $350 they tried to hit me up for on one of my cars so I renew in Texas. The court always dismisses the case when they see a recent utility bill, drivers license and car insurance all at the same address in Texas. If you lose that and you legitimately live here, I have a feeling they will stick it to you.

With a standard looking car like the 328 in any reasonable color, I think you can get away with driving forever without attracting attention. Drive through the wrong po-dunk town with loud exhaust and you'll be paying huge fines.

I specifically keep the paper plates to avoid the front license plate ticket actually, the HOV's here require toll passes with cameras everywhere and as said above, the price is too high to tempt. It helps that you can't read the sales receipt any more because it is sun faded but I think upon closer inspection, the officer would clearly write me for something for that.