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Key to leasing is residual value. You want a high residual as this is what the car is worth when you return it and your lease payments are what you pay for the depreciation of the car over the lease period. You should get a 60-64% residual on a 36-month lease with 15k miles per year. Try to minimize your "cap cost reduction" or cash up front to lower your lease payments. If you pull out of the dealership with the new car and it is totaled, the "gap" insurance (part of every lease) pays whatever your primary insurance doesn't cover for the loss value. But whatever cash you put out is gone forever. Speet spot for BMWFS is 36-months at 12k per year. I've done 36-months at 15k per year for the last 3 cars. Works out nicely. Don't overestimate your annual mileage. If you turn the car back in with 41k miles and your lease was 3 year/45k miles, you're not credited back any money for turning in the car "light" on miles. You would be if you turned it in 10% under but best to figure out how much you drive before you lease. And if you're going over, you can buy mileage during the lease cheaper than if you turn the car in with too much mileage. Good luck! You'll love the car!!
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