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Originally Posted by BMWFanatic2008 View Post
328 all the way. The price difference in US between the two equally configured cars isn't significant (especially if you're leasing). For the 320 money, you can get a better alternative outside of BMW

I wish BMW brought 330D and/or 335D here instead
I'm getting a sense now, having read the POVs of folks outside the US, that the marginal price variance we see, and the regulatory environment we face, are unique to the US. Outside the US, and in Europe it seems that the taxes and fees that come with buying the larger engined car aren't remotely worth it for most folks. And based on the numbers I've seen cited above, I would tend to feel the same way. We US buyers don't have the steep tax burdens t and we don't have the emissions-related surcharges/fees/sin taxes.

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