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Originally Posted by Tengocity View Post
I do high miles in my M4. 17k miles since August last year. I drive it hard whenever I can, and averaging 24.5mpg since then. Ranging from 7mpg on track to 35mpg on a steady run. Rears will last me about 15-16k at a guess and the fronts maybe low 20s. I don't think running costs are actually all that bad given the performance. If I'm going to do that many miles I'd rather do them in this than anything else.

It's hands down the best car I've ever had and worth every penny and more over a standard F30. I like convertibles but not 4 seater ones... just too heavy and compromised. I looked at M2 but wanted more upmarket interior and HUD, better leather etc. But you've just got to drive and go with your heart.
This was what i was hoping for. Running costs seem reasonable for an M car. Roads near me are pretty low on traffic and the A and B roads are not a bad drive out to the countryside. The Mrs now has a decent Polo for tootling around town which cuts down on the silly little trips down the shop etc. Its those trips are where MPG sucks and you kerb your alloys or have to park in tiny spaces.

If i dont do it now chances are i wont do it until M cars are self driving running on anti matter.

Ive run some numbers on depreciation and even if i finance it seems that it should never be in negative equity even using WBAC. So if im forced to bail out for some reason i wont catch a cold on it.