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This is a tough choice to make. I test drove the M4 and I have to say that the DCT was pretty jerky in traffic. I didn't experience this in the TT but I wasnt really taking much notice either at the time.

The M4 in the looks department is unreal. CP is a must but adds serious heft to the cost. If you drive over a penny in those tyres you can feel it. It handles bumps better than expected but I bet it would be horrible over some surfaces.

I've yet to get one in the damp and wet yet and that is probably my biggest concern as I could slide it in the dry.

I'm starting to think my original quest for a fast 4wd makes more sense. Cheap running costs with 4.5s to 62 and awd and adaptive suspension has me looking back towards the Audi camp. Its probably the most fun you can have with 14p a mile.

Or go for an RS3 or TTRS 2.5 engine as a half way house.