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Originally Posted by lethbridge View Post
You really have to play around with the settings - with gearbox set to 1 and engine in economy or sport you really shouldn't find it jerky on CP later cars. What you report sounds like gearbox was in 2 or 3 (they really are for when you want to push on). Earlier cars were not as good from what I hear and mapping has been refined over the years and I believe dealers will apply the latest map if you ask (or you do it yourself with BM3 - with that you can set it up how you like). Ultimately M cars are hardcore but can be set to be softer and are best approached that way which is why if you mention AWD on Cutters you will ritually humiliated - so it may not be the car for you - you really need an extended test drive in as late a car/current as possible to really get to grips with what it is going to be like for you. For me it is the perfect Jekyll & Hyde car - it can be economic (30+) and it can be comfortable (surprisingly so - my wife thinks it is one of our most comfortable cars until we go under a bridge and I behave like a kid ), but ultimately it is one of the quickest sub 100k cars out there and I'm talking how it can attack a road - the grip it can find is unreal. Tyres are noisy but that is more down to the tyre than anything (their noise rating is amongst the worst) - there is less insulation between you and them but that is why the car is so good - some change to the latest Goodyears (much quieter tyre) and report good grip alongside a big noise reduction- some don't care and just change rears (not fronts) to MPS4S to get more grip in the wet...
I really need an extended test drive to be sure. I did notice that comfort was much better with the DCT. But I didn't get the same traffic as I did in the other car when it wasnt in comfort at all. I did notice that there was no easy way to creep forward. Is that the case with yours?