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Originally Posted by teamben158 View Post
Interested in following this.

I've done a ton of research on the subject, but want to wait a year or so before seriously considering going the gear route. My lifts/size are still going up pretty consistently without help, so I'd rather not fuck that up.

Out of curiosity, what made you go with UD/Tren? I've read that tren and orals are really harsh.

EDIT: Just saw this isn't your first cycle. Still curious about the UD/Tren decision since I'm still learning about all this stuff.
Well Tren is actually applie topically and is great for hardening and strength along with some cutting. UD on the hand is a decent bulker but great for fullness and strength. A bit harsh on the liver which is why I'm trying to keep water intake between 1.5-2 gal daily and to be honest I can't stand it. Constant feeling of bloating but better safe than sorry. When combined, you have a good cycle for nice and lean gains; not just water weight. Btw, I'm running an AI (liquidex) alongside the cycle because of the tren. Personally, started on Pmag cycle over a year ago and it's a great starter cycle but more important than the steroids themselves are the support supplement along with your PCT ( post cycle therapy) an with pro hormones, liversupports and water are key. If you don't do the correct reaearch, you can cause permanent damage.