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hey guys, havent poste in a while but i ended up pulling a muscle in my left shoulder so i jumped off and decided tp start PCT a week ago. started Physical Therapy last week aswell.

Ending stats:

Weight: 194.7
BF: 11.6% (bf went up a tad bit but seems to be water weight)

Overall opinion of the cycle: UD/Tren is a great. Gained some water weight but not nearly as much as other cycles. Strength came on very strong. Gained 25lbs on my bench and over 60lbs on my squat. Unfortunately, my shoulder that has always been bad and prone to injury gave out on a barbell shoulder press. Sadly, these strength gains need to be taken into consideration since it increases drastically and you need to make sure your body can handle it.

PROS: Great strength gains, good gains
CONS: Insomnia, low blood sugar episodes, aching joints, night sweats, headaches

Great pro hormone but i personally experienced alot of side effects.Although i would have love to hit 200, it is not worth knocking out my shoulder and make a slight injruy drastically worse.