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Originally Posted by KK328 View Post
Hi guys how are you all doing and how's Ramdan treating you

It has been a while since I wrote on the thread Im happy to see new guys out of Egypt welcome to the club guys it's great to find Egyptians around here

Well my car should come back next week its almost three month since the accident and I'm just holding they will bring it next week and get this I'm actually traveling on Sunday and coming back on Wednesday night which means I won't be the one collecting it I just hope they finish it next week before eid holidays or else my eid trip to Sahel is screwed

On a happy note I already ordered the headlights with the 4 series concept DRL and I'm really excited can't wait to get them and put them on my car

Rust and ozzo we should definitely plan to meet guys what are your plans for the eid holiday I'm going to Sahel for the week if anyone is going we can meet over there if not then we have to meet as soon as the holidays are over what do you guys think?
can't wait when your car arrives and we all meet
guess you'll be the first in Egypt with those amazing lights
ya we will meet after eid cuz i'll be out of town
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