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Originally Posted by Ouzzo View Post
Happy Eid guys welcome sherif to the pack , welcome back kk really hope I can get to see those headlights in Shaa Allah soon.

Had a trip to sahel in Eid , car went to 235 kph ! Fastest I have ever driven but I was really scared because the road to Alamein is very bad.

I really hope I can get the chance to go to the top speed one time just for the record then I promise I will drive safe
Hey guys, welcome back Ouzzo.. ya Impressive speed for a stock with full load MSA, I got that speed with old X3 .. I just arrived home safely after a long drive which at the end we noticed trouble at the suez road but thank God again we discovered that, besides we didn't have any fuel and all the gas stations were closed we had to put 80 to arrive back .. guys stay safe
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