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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
I think I need more confirmation than an email from an anonymous source read to you over the phone.
That is exactly what I said. The reply I got was "its the truth". They agreed NA does some weird stuff, including the MSport brake non-option.... They have no axe to grind since I already have a slot for PW46.

Actually, regarding the MSport brakes, the rationale I was given is the non option is due to the no charge schedule maintenance we have Stateside. The 4 caliper brakes will surely go through pads faster and NA didn't like the way the math worked out for the MSport brakes. Sounds like they figured they'd need to charge a chunk of change for the option to insure they didn't get killed on brake jobs and the end result was to just kill the option altogether. Could be bad info, but sounds plausible.

Does any other region offer scheduled maintenance like the US where everything (except tires) is covered? I checked CA and it seems the US may be alone with true full scheduled maintenance.