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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Uh no. There never was a 5 series coupe. So splitting the 4 from the 3er is something totally unique in their recent history.

And the 6er has a more powerful (tuned) version of the N55 than what you get in the 5 series. So again, it stands to reason that the 4 I6 coupe will be more powerful than the equivalent 3 series sedan.
My point was they won't put a better engine in unless it has a higher number suffix. When the e63 came out it cost more than the e60 and had the same power. Now it wasn't called 5coupe previously but they don't have to give you extra HP to justify a price increase compared to if it were 3 coupe.

Given the 428 and 328 most of us know will have the same n20 and the gap in price there will be more than the e9x generation . Do you think a 428 will also have more HP than a 328 then? By your logic with the n55 and a hypothetical 435 vs 335 it should right?