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Originally Posted by ScarecrowBoat View Post
Some other guy on the 1er forum a while back traded his 135i for a Charger hemi whatever. Honestly, what were you thinking? Anyways, you'll like the 328i a lot better...and it will probably get 3x the MPG...
MPG blow so bad. 15-16 in the city and 19-21 on the highway. I've racked about 5k miles on the car and have WOT less than 10 times just because every time I do it's followed by a quick glance at the fuel gauge.

At the moment I was just thinking that wow 370hp and 390lbs of torque with remote start, backup cam, beats audio etc for 27k and they were giving me 25 for my e90? It just seemed like a deal.

Interior is now rattling in multiple places, panels from underneath the car have started coming off because of rusted bolts and the engine makes random valve ticking noises from time to time. All of these things the dealership chose not to address due to "normal wear and tear" and that the valve ticking is "normal" in the hemis.

The transmission is also desperately in need for an update. 5-speed auto just isn't going to cut it anymore. The only thing i'm going to miss about the charger is the real estate but that's going to be quickly forgotten because the BMW offers way more quality amenities and a much more rewarding driving experience. No more boat like handling

Car arrives in a few days but I have to wait until the 30th so that I can get the 1k rebate for the Ultimate Drive event