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Originally Posted by roundel335 View Post
Somebody explain how adding those air diverters, which will supposedly cause more air to enter the stock intake system WHEN MOVING will add power on a dyno? Reason I ask is because if the car is stationary on a dyno, how on earth would you get a power gain? At 70mph on the road, maybe - a little bit of ram-air effect - but not stationary. Save your money.
IF the claims are true, it is replicable on a dyno. Just have a giant fan blowing at the car while it's on the dyno (in fact you'll often see vids of cars on dynos with giant fans in front to simulate real driving conditions).

HOWEVER, I highly doubt the claim that it'll boost hp by 7-10. If doing something this simple could do that, the eggheads at BMW would have designed it that way, considering how much time they spent coming out with the N20 engine.