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Originally Posted by blindmule View Post
If I were a marketing exec (I'm not) I would see lines as a way to get the same product....
Clearly on the forum nobody likes the modern.
Whoa....hold on there sunshine. I chose Modern because of the cloth/ leather and you still get the sports steering wheel, ambient lighting etc. I don't like full leather as I find it hot in summer and cold in winter. The cloth/ leather gives me a feel of a leather interior without having to sit on it.
In the UK, the standard Modern trim is NOT the washboard wood, so no problem there. I don't like the sport interior and it isn't any quicker but YMMV - choice is good.
Saying all that, I think the idea of lines has merit (Mercedes and Audi think so too) but BMW hasn't executed well - biggest mistake was allowing each country to specify the lines. I think the biggest LCI changes will relate to the lines.
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