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Originally Posted by RobUK View Post
So just to confirm, specific symptoms of the problem are:
- Sending you to the wrong location (i.e. Moscow instead of London).
- Showing congestion on the wrong side of the road.

But that sending you to the right location while using a route that is longer than expected is possibly just crappy Mapquest data?
Yes to all, but it also sends you off carriageways and then back on at the same junctions
Puts you up the wrong road when near destinations!!.
E20 post codes are not listed on the system, there may be many more , but I have only used the Nav for 2 weeks .
You need to check a google map for a journey distances will be shown and then X reference your destination on the Nav and see IF there are differences, on some routes it works fine.
BUT there in lyes the problemyou just can't trust it.
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