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Originally Posted by Delta0311 View Post
I'm 5'6 between 195 and 205lbs. I lifted heavy in my young days and my joints took a bit of a beating. At this point I concentrate on form, time under tension, and mix it in with some drop sets.. Pretty much what ever joint discomfort I had is gone now BUT one supplement that did help was Baxyl Hyaluronan. I would HIGHLY suggest that you work out every other day if you are having joint pain and either avoid exercises that are causing you pain. Obviously also make sure that your form is good and that you have FULL control of the weight through the entire range of motion. If you are getting wrist pain then I would suggest you start working your forearms and avoid any sort of workout gloves that wrap around the wrist. Also never bend the wrist up when doing any sort of curls, wrist should either be straight or broken(bent down), bending your wrist up will eventually net you some nasty tendonitis in your forearms.
Thank you for the words man! I'm actually switching up my routines after a 2 week's rest period starting next Monday, then I will go back to intermittent cardio and sporadic weight lifting. That should do the trick, combined with my continued supplement intake, to repair my joints well enough to return to normal. But yeah, I never lift that way. It feels awkward, also.

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Monday is shoulder day for me and the ONLY thing I did was skip one Monday to give my shoulders a one workout break. I added some rotator cuff specific strengthening exercises and just continued my regular routine. My shoulders have been pain free for months. And that is with me moving to a much heavier, lower rep focus with lots of heavy shoulder and chest pressing.

I mean it when I say I swear by UCII. Here is a link and a good write-up on the ingredients with references to the various scientific studies...
That means a lot, thanks for your insight! It also doesn't look too pricey at all, I will look into at the Vitamin Shoppe when I go back for some more BPI BCAA powder; that also works pretty well in conjunction with my other stuff, but the Animal Flex did the most good for me. I'm sure the UCII will seal the deal.

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A joint for your joints?
I must say, you are probably my new favorite OT poster.

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