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Originally Posted by F30FAN View Post
Sounds like a f***ing nightmare I feel for you guys.

Last time I checked we were not living in the dark ages and tracking a car isn't rocket science!! Talk about the blind leading the they have a book filled with lame excuses or what...

You spend over 45K on a car and as a customer you have to do all the chasing and especially in this current economical climate its beyond belief.

As soon as you've paid the deposit its like adios muchachos.. see ya wouldn't wanna be ya....!! What's this world coming to..

Its time they sorted out an official customer portal tracking system similar to the US one for the UK, or at the least issue an automated weekly update to a customer nominated email account with progress and location of your Vehicle/VIN, that is in no way a big feat.

Whilst I agree it could be improved, I can also appreciate the logistical nightmare that is moving hundreds of cars to hundreds of dealers every day.

I could only imagine the outrage on the following feedback of status:

*Car in BMW distribution center UK (Thorne or whatever), waiting for transport to local dealer, estimated time sitting here waiting....2 weeks because it is uneconomically viable to send a 10 car wagon with 2 cars on it*

I have got to say, my dealer has been as good as the system will allow at keeping me updated, but understand that some dealers are rubbish.