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Welcome among us, you are lucky to have a job that takes you around the world !
and because of it, i would imagine you be the most prepared among us for knowing how to make your way through unknown places...

Having said that, i haven't travelled as much as other people but i think the minimum you need when traveling is street smart... and knowing how to watch you behind.

Seeing the list of places you have been, it would seem logical Portugal would be more more "civilized" place.

It would reassure you to know that the rest of Europe are more civilized and traveler friendly, although you ALWAYS have to keep an eye that is aware of your surrounding.

YOu can never go as if you are walking down the street of your neighborhood.
Especially if you display that American look... i would suggest you blend it and dont draw too much attention to yourself.

"When in Rome, ... "

Good Luck in Luthuania.... it's still considered Eastern Europe and have a past with the Russians... Nothing wrong with it, and apologies in advance to members here who are from those regions. I know nothing of it, therefore i cannot properly speak of it. If you can chime in to help our frequent traveler here.

No matter where you go Fireline43, just be aware of your surrounding.

I was very fortunate to have been able to do my ED right when the F30, the car i have been waiting for 10 years! The stars must have been aligned for me to be able the afford a brand new BMW, have time to take a vacation, at the same time as the F30 first came out for me to be among the first owners of the F30, etc etc...

I am just very happy to have been able to check marked one of my items on my bucket list now, especially this one, instead of having to wait any longer...