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Originally Posted by sspade View Post
@dandurante what year is the vehicle? How many miles have you personally put on it?
It's a 2013MY that I've personally put 84k miles on.

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Wow ... just like that " my first and will likely be my last BMW ". Man if I be like that I won't be able to own a car at all. With car troubles stories from relative and friends... what else can I buy that will be a perfect. I know I sound crazy but shit this happened to my brother Toyota by all the most reliable brand out there.

To end this Knock on wood big time.
Let me be clear here. Small problems and/or issues that are dealt with accordingly do not scare me or make me shy away from a brand. Overall the car has been great and I've been a car enthusiast my entire life. I've had plenty of "problematic" vehicle brands in the past. The reason I made a switch to BMW is because I knew I was quitting my corporate job and going into business for myself. I wanted a nice vehicle and it was between a newer S4 and the 328i. I couldn't justify the S4 financially and knew I wouldn't be happy in an A4 after driving Audis "higher end vehicles" previously. Plus I knew a lot of people who had issues with the Audi's 2.0 (Ironically) so between not wanting a lower end Audi and not being able to justify the $200 extra monthly payment for an S4, I choose the BMW.

I've had Audis up until I purchased this 328i. Previous to this I owned an S4 and an A8 both of which have known issues but the difference here is that Audi stepped up to the plate when they made mistakes.

To me, the most frustrating part is that this is such a widely known problem and BMW treats it as its not a huge issue.

***I Also Have An Update on the Class Action Lawsuit. I planned on pulling the motor myself and putting a new "pre-owned" motor into the vehicle. The layers told me to contact the local dealer and to tell them I know about the Lawsuit and see if they will do the work. I have to do that on Monday. I'll keep everyone posted on what happens... I have it at my buddies house so I can pull the motor if they refuse and get this thing back on the road.