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Does anyone know if the 2 or 3 support pairing with more than one phone? I have a work and personal iPhone and find it irritating that I can only get messages from one of them on my first gen watch.
This is the reason I took my gen 1 back I've always had a business and personal phone, the company I work for is happy to just have one phone but I like to be away from it at the weekend and handy for when we go abroad as I can use my own phone with out being worried about bills.

If it could connect to two phones I might be interested in getting another.
You can connect multiple watches to one phone but not the other way round. If you just need to take calls and voice messages from the company phone, you could maybe set call forwarding and turn it off at weekends. That wouldn't work for texts though.
Yeah did consider all that but it's just a faff isn't it. Slightly ironic when every other one of our 20 apple devices seems to go off like an air raid warning when one person gets a text message lol.
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