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Post European delivery of F30 M Sport with a bunch of Asian guys you don't know

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On November 2nd I embarked on a journey which would forever change my life. We flew Iceland air which took a total of 12ish hours with layover and everything.

We had done a terrible job planning this trip so our flight landed in Munich at 12:25 and my check in was suppose to be before 1:10 cutting it really close.

The Rolls Royce though

Surprisingly Munich doesn't have a customs we pretty much landed and walked right out of the airport. We caught a taxi and got to the Bmw Welt at 12:50ish so just in time.

Taxis were the color of mayonnaise lol 2 Chainz

This was the first thing we saw when we walked through the front doors.

After dropping our bags off at the info desk we proceeded upstairs to check in.

The employees where all very nice and helpful.

Once you're done with the paper work you go to the lounge area for the free buffet. The food was very good, and they also had all the German beer you can drink. Not a bad way to spend your first day in Munich getting drunk at the Welt hahaha.

They have a book you can sign as well. Team BLOP!

After lunch and the gift shop we finally head down to the floor to pick up our cars.

Finally our eyes locked and Yvonne looked at me shyly I knew at that moment that it was love at first sight.

Finally got to get inside of her best feeling ever...

It was a good thing she had a big boot because we had a large load of luggage.

My cousin also picked up his m3 so I got to drive that for a little bit before he gave it to them to drop off that day. At 5 mph you could really feel the power and range of the V8 it was epic!

Just in case anyone wanted to know yes you can fit a medium sized Asian person in the boot of an M3 hahaha

Once you drive off the delivery floor you can get your car valeted so that you can explore the Welt and go to the Museum or factory tour all inclusive.

Make sure to make an appointment for your factory tour after you get the vouchers, and there is no photography allowed at the factory sad times.

Here is a few pictures from the Welt for you guys.

We went to the Museum right after it was pretty awesome.

Dual Bmw badges go hard

Dont want to spoil to much of the welt or the museum for those you havent been so with that we conclude part 1 of European delivery with a bunch of asian guys you don't know hahaha. Stay tuned for part 2 which will definitely be the 2nd best part. Enjoy


So this one is dedicated to all of the places we went to during our European Delivery which consisted of Munich, Paris, Amsterdam, and the Nurburgring.

After leaving Munich we drove about 8.5 hours to Paris. So we stopped or gas and the girl didn't speak much English but it wasn't to bad I tried to pay for gas and she said "gas first then you pay." That was the first weird thing I found out about Europe. Apparently you pump the gas first then pay it was really backwards for me but wasn't a problem.

We arrive in Paris at 2am so they wouldn't let us check into our hotel early. We were pretty much homeless the first night so I parked my car on an empty street and we slept maybe an hour. Decided to wander the streets and take some pictures.

Once the sun finally came up we decided to check out the arc de triomphe and Notre Dame.

First JDM car we saw amazing parking skills lol

We got to our hotel the Holiday inn and parked right next to the main street. My friend left his bag in my back seat accidentally as we were all running on an hour of sleep and between 12-6pm someone broke into my car... so took a trip to the Police station to file a report. The people at the reception desk were less than helpful.

View from our Crappy 2 star hotel we stayed at while my car was getting fixed next door at BMW Paris.

Giant vending machine

Eiffel Tower and the Louvre day 2 in Paris taking a taxi much easier since parking is terrible.

On our way to Amsterdam

Pronounced exactly as its spelled.

Couple of the guys had quiet the time lol.


Back to Germany for the last 2 days

I hope thats not what it sounds like... lol

On our way home finally

It was a wild ride but i'm glad to be back home. Back to work hope you guys enjoy the pictures.
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