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they have such respect to each other that it can be seen vividly on track as well.. i hope it continues all the way to the end.. its not like that between Vettel and Max.. though Vettel is a weird personality that he is over friendly when everyone can see his eyes, and on track its the opposite.. its not because he s a hardcore fighter, more likely there is some insincerity among his radio calls, talks, and behaviors somewhere in the overall picture.. like he s telling "im a racing driver, i need an excuse for everything.." sometimes those excuses become unreal and pretty funny..

Alonso wasnt a respectful man at some point as well that i guess its his weakest point and for me it was the reason his career ended in such a way.. any team he joined he left some damage to himself and the team.. and Nico.. oh boy i can not even stand hearing his voice.. a lollipop or Siri is a lot more sincere than Nico..

respect on track comes personality and being earned on track.. one of the reasons why Hamilton is one of the best of all time.. and Max got into this shape in recent 1-1.5 years also.. which makes him a better racing driver that we can see clearly also recently.. Bottas after winning more races became a bit arrogant or i should say ego boosted and lost his respect to Hamilton a bit.. which is absurd cause he needs a looot more than he thinks.. and actually he started losing in recent 3-4 races.. cause when you respect to someones competitiveness you respect to him and more importantly to yourself also that takes you one step higher even if it may look the opposite from outside..
You can't possibly think Lewis is being genuine all the time...
actually, i do think that.

however, i can see how the consistency of Lewi5's behavior might arouse suspicion.
i just choose to believe he's the real deal.

(sending royalty check to MKSixer for use of the expression 'Lewi5')