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The answer to that question depends on the individual. If you just like the badge to show your friends then you will be happy that now they make a car you can buy. If you liked the sport mentality engineering then you better save up for the exclusive models because the base ones will not check that fun box off. The BMW roundel used to mean you were getting something special. Now only a few cars in the line up are actually special. Its like that car maker who originally set out to make the best drivers cars now is now more interested in selling the most cars. To do this they cater to the mass public. There is nothing special about the mass public. I guess cash really does move everything around...

BMW isn't the only company to follow the dollar, look at Ferrari and Lambo. They used to be ultra exclusive but now they produce so many you need to get a Pagani to be in an exclusive circle of enthusiast owners

This is all with out even mentioning politics and the never ending control they try to impose on the people (car company very included) in a false effort of looking out "for your own good" . Which reminds me its been really chilly in the US this year. I better do my part to help with "global warming" speed up summers arrival and drive my M