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Few other questions:
1) For those that change in and out of pads. I have always turned or replaced rotors when I did pads and properly broke them in. Does it cause issues when you just toss on a new pair of pads?
2) Do most tracks have a staff member that will ride with you the first session so you can get a feel?
3) Let me know what you think of my list above.

Thanks all!
1) No issue swapping pads on the same rotor. I swap EBC Red, Pagid RSL29, and PFC08s all on the same rotors.

2) Highly dependent on the club/company you go with. Some are more laissez-faire than others and will let beginners go solo. Don't go with one of those groups or you may end up with n00bs like this guy out there endangering yourself.

3) Sunscreen, brake pad change tools (punch, hammer, pad spreader, nitrile or work gloves), a large bin to put all your stuff in (and to double as a table with lid on), tire pressure gauge and pump, and a notebook for track notes/class sessions.
That video made me cringe quite a bit. Hard to watch.