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Originally Posted by jmg View Post
That mustang driver should not be on the track. He should have an instructor with him teaching him how to drive. Tires cold, hands in the wrong place, horrible line, overdriving. He's dangerous.

If it's your first track day check the cockiness at the gate. I don't care how fast someone is on the freeway passing Priuses. I've seen too many cocky green drivers quickly learn that they aren't the speed demons they think they are once they hit the dirt. LOL I love seeing it in their eyes after the first few laps.

By the way, 4 wheels off the track usually warrants a return to pit for an inspection. Not only could he have damaged his car, but he could have leaked oil onto the track endangering everyone else. Going off track in itself isn't bad, even veterans do this when pushing the limits, but he did it twice in a row on two consecutive turns and didn't pit. He needs instruction.
I personally think it's worse that whichever company was proctoring that HPDE day let him out there with his lack of knowledge (or failed to have a good enough drivers' meeting where rules were covered and understood), and wasn't monitoring things well enough to pull him back in after the first lap.

Originally Posted by Brotherhef View Post
Any app for a first time use (lap timer)? Not ready to spend 100-500 on a good dedicated lap timer. I've looked at Harry's, but heard it's only fun to use if paired with a gps accessory.
I wouldn't focus on lap times for your first outing. It's a distraction that is more likely to push you to make mistakes. You should focus on the driving line and technique first, and only once you have that down consistently start bringing up speed. You'll be slightly disappointed at how slow you go relative to others, but your first time out there is about learning, not necessarily winning.