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Originally Posted by Onizukachan View Post
No but it is 41 for NEXT.
Hopefully this will fill in a date gap,
Prod 9/24/2014
You are correct it is 41 for Premium as well (0x2D 0x41)! But i end up doing the lifetime code and put "FF" in place of 41.

If anyone needs the lookup.xml lines for North America Premium 2020 see below:

SgbmId id="NAVD_000004D3_255_002_048" SWID_FscShort="002D0041" name="Road Map North America PREMIUM 2020" supplier="TAS" sop="07.28.2015" version="10_09" MapOrderNumberBMW="" MapOrderNumberMINI="" MapOrderNumberRR="" successorMapOrderNumberBMW="" successorMapOrderNumberMINI="" successorMapOrderNumberRR=""> <EcuVariant CompatibilityIdentifier="HU_CIC-HB" Format="CIC" />
<SwUpdate SwUpdateEntry=""/>