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Originally Posted by OC_F32 View Post
Front clip = your bumper.

Have you inspected the all of the fasteners? Pay special attention to the ones under where the top of the hood connects to the car. On my F32 there's a series of bolts (4-6) that hold the top of the front clip in. I can't remember if there's a weather stripping covering them or not. Anyway, they should have little rubber spacers/grommets attached. Make sure they're all in. Missing ones would drop it a mm or two I'd guess. I can take a pic of mine tomorrow if you need a visual.

Try adjusting the bumper cover first.

Also, FYI, I got into a fender bender and bumper cover plus one of my headlights was replaced. That resulted in one side of the cover being slightly lower, which drove me nuts. Fixed by adjusting the headlight to sit higher.