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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
I can now add my 2013 335i Msport to this list.

450 miles.
Steering wheel doesn't lock on shut down.
If I move the steering wheel, with the car shut OFF, there is a clunk sound.

Last night I discovered that my heater doesn't work.
Set temp to max 84F and it still blows cold air.
I can hear the vents in the dash changing, but no heat.

Minor issue, my tail pipes are no even. One sticks out about 1" farther than the other, and it sits about 1/2 lower.

The is a very light metallic "tink" in the left front suspension when going over certain bumps.
When in comfort mode for the adaptive suspension, the same left front sometimes produces a "hiss" sound when hittng a bump, like there is air escaping from something.
Could be a bad damper causing both sounds.

Minor issue, the silver trim ring around the tach has rough edges like it came out poorly from the mold.
Can't see it every time only when sunlight hits it a certain way.
I don't think I'll report that as it's really very minor.
is the little red and blue dial set all the way to red? that little dial makes a huge difference in commanded interior ambient temp.
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