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1)Sometimes in a bend to the right on a wobbly surface rattle in the centre console/dash...

2)Tyres:Noise /bumpiness/tyrepressure too high?/sidewall next gen RFT (S001 Brigestone 19") still way below par... precision and sportiness is more than ok fwiw.

3)Radio reception with the shark antenna sucks(I have the HK system) and that's an understatement.

4)When the car was a few weeks old I had it @ my dealer 3 times to solve a rattle in the steering column: Solved.

5)Overall noise on highwayspeeds, 60-80mph(tyres and bodywork) is subjectively too high imo. When > 90mph it's ok.....

6)Comfort Access sometimes is asleep (touching the doorgrip won't work)and opening the trunk/boot with the footsweep doesn't work 9/10 times.

7)Shifting fast WOT from 1st-2nd gear there still is a nanosecond delay in accelleration: Clutch delay valve. I want to get rid of that.

8)From cold start, starting up the iDrive/Satnav takes ages it seems....

But overall I am satisfied with my car.

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