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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
You must do exactly as follows:

1) Install ESysLauncherPROSetup_2.8.2_Build_162b.msi
2) Copy the attached "BFU_XODE.EST" to C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys
3) Run Launcher PRO from Desktop Icon
4) Hit "+" to Add E-Sys location to Launcher PRO
5) Hit "OK" to accept E-Sys in Default Location
6) Hit the "..." and set EST Path to: C:\EC-Apps\ESG\E-Sys\BFU_XODE.EST
7) Enter PIN: 12345678
8) Select the Hammer / Wrench Icon and Activation Code Window Appear
9) Enter Activation Code: B1G_F*CK_Y0U_paulX_**************_dconer_ebayselle rs.-Your_lack_of_decency_creativity_and_imagination_is _reprehensible.-Your$greed$even_more_repugnant_and_despicable
10) Select "Activate Now"
11) Select "Launch Now" to use E-Sys Launcher to launch E-Sys.

Thank you :-)
So far so good.
When I press Launch now, the screen flashes a few times with a few pictures I can not see what is, the program does not open there after
Is it because I do not have ANY cable in or should it not Launch?
The package I have downloaded is also a file called v.4.31.31_PSdZData_Lite.rar should it be used for anything?

I'm looking to grab a file so I can use the fsc generator to make an fsc key for me so I can update my map to navi NBTevo
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