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Originally Posted by noro View Post
There was a lot of weight reduction talk, but seems like not much follow-through. 3400lbs for the 328 gives no reason to go with that engine size for performance oriented folks. With less than 170lb upcharge to 335. Makes the 3280lb E46 330i look feather light.
Yes. While the performance overall of the F30/N20 looks good, too bad that BMW could not have knocked another 50Kg off the weight.

Go read the Cadillac message boards regarding the upcoming ATS. They are going to bring the (originally fat) Alpha platform ATS in under 3400 lbs with 50/50 weight distro. Supposedly, Cadillac engineers targetted the E46 as the best example of outstanding handling in 3 series and worked to equal or beat it. Gonna have to wait for the tests to see how this goes, but they deserve credit for sweating the details to get the tonnage off this car to try to make it competitive.