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Originally Posted by Tengocity View Post
Hi Dan, did you do pads all round or just the fronts?
Hey Terry

I did all round. However, they aren't for everyone. The sensors won't attach (I,m not bothered, because of the lack of chamfering you can easily see the amount of wear), plus there are no anti-squeal backing shims, nor the top counter weights. Therefore, they can squeal like banshees at low speed. Given that this is so anti-social, I have added anti squeal shims of my own with pagid cera-tec grease and has mostly cured it. Copper slip did not fix it.

So they bite well on contact and as they get warmer they get better. It's great because they aren't reliant on heat. In fact, on the motorway, when reducing cruise control speed with the joystick, there is a noticed increase in brake bite, so there is a faint jolt as the car slows quicker than with OEM pads.

I think, however, these will best suit slotted discs to make absolutely sure there is no glazing, and probably aren't necessary for the rear.

I should probably add these comments to the 'have you modified your brakes thread'...