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Originally Posted by 3.0hyeah View Post
What was their reasoning?

I would really like to go full HID, just the halos doesn't seem worth it. Is it because you have to drill them or something? I've seen that somewhere in this thread, do people have problems? Are there still leaking issues?
1. You have tu cut a hole the stock back round seal of the DEPOs for the harness and wiring of the HIDs, you have to find a way to seal it back to prevent humidity/water to come in the headlight

2. HIDs apparently lasts maximum 2 years, you would have to do the wiring and sealing again to change the bulb, and you can't only change the bulb it's kind of attached to it's wire.

Personnaly, I tough only the halo was worth it, it's the halo that makes all the look... Angel Eye look is made by the angel eye halo. I took the super white bright hallogen option with the light, trust me, the yellow ish cheap look is ALL GONE and angel eye looks great.