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Originally Posted by SSJTrunks523 View Post

Again, give me 1 example. Just 1 where people not respecting you is advantageous. Especially in a team sport.
I just gave you that example. Its not how you think. respect or no respect, senna did what he wanted, so it doesnt matter. Thats my point.
Words like respect are used for us, people at the side, the media etc. on the track its just results. They do what they think they'll get away with to achieve maximum results. thats why suzuka happend.
And of course f1 is a team sport, but the other drivers arent in his team are they?
Sure verstappen needs the respect from his mechanics, sponsers and team bosses otherwise he'll get fired. but he gets that respect by winning, not by being a push over on the track.
A racing driver needs to take every oppertunity to beat his opponents. thats why 3 cars were side by side in that corner. no one showed respect to eachother and just wanted to be first through. and that went wrong.
Thats how racing is done.
And like I said, if something was done that was absolutely wrong, someone would have gotten a penalty. and because that didnt happen.....
If they showed eachother respect, the referee's/competition management wouldt be necessary. but all drivers get penalties at one point or another. Lack of respect. Trying to get away with things. breaking the rules. But no penalties in this a legit move. no one gave in so they crashed all 3. all 3 are to blame (matter of fact, no penalties, guess no one showed enough respect whatever that means)

but I guess its human to think one knows better than the person actually performing it (or than the referees for that matter). VES got into F1 as the sum of all his actions and achievements. Did you get there too? No? then how do you know what's best for him?

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