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Originally Posted by David70 View Post
I sure hope F1 doesn't turn into this type of sport. Black flag, race is over for the driver? Maybe overreaction is what is needed? I also don't see most journalists being any more qualified than most of the people here to give an opinion, so they watch racing and write about it, great.

If I watch American football and someone does something questionable, the ref sees it, they watch the play in slow motion many times over and decide no penalty was needed, isn't the ref or the rules the real problem? Obviously they decided it wasn't bad enough to penalize him and it was within the rules. What's the point of these refs or judges if they watch an action and do nothing, then we blame the person not them?
At least one of the stewards at each course is a former pro-driver. I can almost guarantee that given the huge costs in F1, if a driver was given a black flag for the stupid and dangerous shite that Verstappen pulled on Kimi at close to 200 mph last Sunday, that it would only happen once. The 'ripple' effect amongst the drivers and teams that the FIA was actually going to take another driver's safety into consideration when another driver is acting like a complete twat, would stop the dangerous blocking immediately. And maybe save someone's life to a far greater extent than any damn 'Halo' device.