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Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post
This^ Couldnt have said it better.

This election was not a competition between two candidates. It was Obama buying votes using the tax money of the people who actually work, and Romney trying to figure out how there are so many dumbasses that would still vote for Obama.

Looks like wallstreet was just afraid of the Obamanation as i was: Wall street left to rebuild after Obama. Just take a look at the Dow Jones today, -313 points.

To re-cap (and add to): Obama is allowing illegal immigration for the latino vote, free abortions/contraceptives for the female vote, absurd incentives to the Unions for their vote, and he already has a large African vote because he is their "brotha" (i said large, not all are so ignorant). Combine that with the youth's complete ignorance for anything political and the fact that Obama targets them, and your screwed. I wish my tax dollars didnt go towards buying votes for someone i despise...

I wish the intelligence level of the people of this country would increase as fast as the debt Obama is creating