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Originally Posted by saaltonen View Post
I have to go get my alignment next Monday, as I am going to drop my car a little more on my KW V2's. Right now I have them set pretty high, but want to dial it in a little more.

Are those numbers your camber settings? I didn't realize there was much/any adjustment up front for more negative camber without aftermarket plates.

Would it be possible to post a print out of your alignment settings? Just curious, as I am trying to get everything lined up for when I go next week.

Car looks great though, wheels/tires look dialed in a fitment is nice
I'll see if I can dig up the copy, just in a pile of paperwork.

There is natural negative camber when you lower your car, the front has no adjustment so it stayed at -0.7, this was the setting after I lowered it and couldn't be changed.

Rear negative camber was -2.3 and -2.9, I had them adjust it to -2.8 on each side.

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