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2012 328i vs 335i (F30) In-Car Acceleration Comparison Video

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Link to a doubler: 328i v. 335i Acceleration Video

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The 0-60mph officially quoted numbers for the 328i is 5.9s (auto) / 5.7s (manual) and for the 335i is 5.4s. If the doubler doesn't load both videos at the same time, just refresh by hitting the "Double up" button.

Interesting to see the "real world" difference between the two cars, especially to the 130 km/h mark (don't often venture beyond that speed). I guess there's a lot to be said about intangible qualities like "feel" and sound which sway some, but not others.

Admin Edit:

For more looks at the in-car acceleration between the 2012 328i and 335i, here are a few from our F30 press drives. We used the same video camera for all the videos.