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Awesome information and insight!!!

Thank you!

Originally Posted by johnung View Post
The M Performance LSD is an awesome product that works great. The F3x electronic systems don't counteract rear wheel slippage until there over 30% slippage. The Limited Slip Differential is a mechanical system that immediately sends more power to the rear wheel that isn't slipping. You don't realize how much slippage you had until it's gone. You can really feel it when a light turns green or when you hit the gas and start to turn the wheel to power into a curve.

No coding is required at all. The LSD works from 0-30% slippage and the electronic system doesn't kick in until higher levels than that. So the two systems work together without knowing about each other. Actually brilliant engineering!

Some tips for anyone considering an LSD:

Caution on the installation. Dealer rate should be 3.5 hours which near me totals $560. Anyone quoting longer than that is a rip off. It is really easy to damage the LSD during installation if someone doesn't know what they are doing. With the scarcity of this part do NOT let anyone install this who hasn't done many of these F30 rear differentials before.

Earlier BMW differentials do not count. They used to be designed to be much easier to replace with bolts to remove the half shafts. The F30 uses clips to hold on the half shafts and special German tools are required to remove them as well as a special tool to remove and to retorque the center drive shaft. I'm enough of a stickler that I'd ask them to show me the tools if they claim that they have them. I'd also ask to talk to the tech who they claim is experienced in F3x differentials. Photos of the tools are attached.

The LSD has a 500 mile break in period when you aren't supposed to do any wide open throttle so no drag racing. Try to take as many gradual acceleration left and right curves as possible. At 1200 miles have the fluid sucked out of the fill hole and replace fluid. Replace fluid every 30k miles after that. ONLY use the specified LSD fluid. See photo.

Hope this helps!