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Nice review. Your AH3 sounds great! I also have an N54 and N55 powered vehicle (2012 335is and 2013 x3xdrive35i, respectively). The N54 certainly is not as smooth as the N55. That said, the N55 does lack some of the "brutality" of the N54 - now I know my N54 is tuned by BMW in the 335is, but I have also tuned my N55. The N55 just doesn't quite excite as much as the N54. Yet, 4 out of 5 work days, I drive my X3 primarily due to the smoothness of the N55.

Regarding the ride - maybe your semi-poor ride is an AH3, thing, but I know both my 335is and X3 had poor rides compared to their rivals (Mercs/Audis), which I fixed via non-run flat tires. If you don't feel the need for run flats, I'd definitely recommend getting some aftermarket rubbers (I run Michelin PSS). They'll make quite the noticeable difference in handling as they grip more and will improve the ride without the reinforced sidewall. I understand BMWs reasoning behind using run flats (safety, etc) but I simply don't agree. It supposed to be the Ultimate Driving Machine!
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