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Originally Posted by MotoEV
Our numbers are growing....

Congrats zon!! Welcome to the AH3 Club... A very rare yet unique F30 group

Thanks for the picture and please share more interior pictures when you can.

Appreciate your 1st impressions. Took my car on a week long 2000 mile trip and have a few comments to share and some responses to your initial concerns.

Hybrid Aspects

Highway Driving
During my holiday we drove through the WV mountains with long periods on inclines and descents. The size of the LION pack is designed to have the useable portion deplete often and replenish quickly from available brake regeneration to aid in increasing fuel economy. At 70+ speeds my economy averaged 33 MPG with long passages when the car was in coast/sail mode and/or electric drive.

Traffic Driving
There were times where traffic slowed to 30-35 MPH when the snow was falling heavily and during those passages in ECO Pro mode the battery moved the car forward exclusively while provided A/C for the windshield defrost. As others have mentioned, in stopped traffic/crawling it felt good to not use a single drop of gas during those moments.

Road and Wind Noise

I was torn between the Luxury and Sport packages because I wanted the DHP. However, for this car I wanted a 'baby 5 series feel' and went with the Luxury line. The AH3 Luxury line comes with the Pirelli Cinturato P7 AS tires specifically designed for low rolling resistance and low noise. During my road trip passengers commented on how quiet the car was and the smoothness of the ride.

The tires help in reducing road noise in the cabin but I miss the grip and handling you get with a larger tire . I'm shopping for a second summer performance wheel and tire set with Dunlops. Like the look here but not sure of the size. Based on your comments, I may go with the Bridgestone Potenza 001s.

Take some audio samples and bring this to the attention of your dealer. I have seen site threads of a fix. I have experienced zero wind issues in 3000 miles and my road trip served as a 'shake down' for anything requiring dealer service.

HK Audio System
I had an E92 service loaner several years ago with the HK system and made sure I had it on my new F30. The HK system is very very powerful (in a smooth way) and Logic 7 provides a theatre-like quality where it never sounds strained or unbalanced. The subwoofers provide substantial bass and I did not realize they are in the floorboards underneath the driver and passenger seats (very smart). I think it provides great value-for-money compared to similar systems.

I have the full Technology Package with BMW Apps yet there is no release date for the iPhone 5 Smart Adapter. BMW should work harder to get these released sooner or provide them at no charge. Also, BMW Apps and BMW Remote are feeling like more of a 'project' than a full implementation. If Hyundai with their Blue Link offering is ready-for-primetime. BMW should at least match it!

In 2013, I do not think it should be difficult to have your car configured the way you wish at delivery:
  • Auto Fold Mirrors at Start/Shutdown
  • Eco Pro Default at Start

The dealer/service department did not appear able/willing to make these changes (concerns about stability?)

All in all I am very pleased with the vehicle and the tricky balance of performance and luxury. As an aside, for New Years, I spent several days in the UK and got some seat time in a pre-release 2013 Range Rover Autobiography 3.0 TDV6. Very impressive for what it does!

SamS: Thanks for your threads on the AH3, it helped me quite a bit on my purchasing decision. Hope you can hold on a little bit longer and the information shared confirm your great ordering decision.

2013 Active Hybrid 3, Luxury Line, Mineral Grey / Veneto Beige (Premium, Technology, Driver Assistance, HK Surround, Heated Seats)
I'm glad that you all are enjoying your hybrids but I cannot understand why, when what still is a better technology is available (new-used) and per reports will soon again be available: clean turbo-diesel. I've had my 2011 335d for almost half a year and I have yet to get below 28 mpg in city driving (even when I'm in L.A.), and I don't have to baby the car to get that kind of mileage. This car will give a 335i driver the sweats in certain driving situations, particularly when you stay on top of the 425-lb-ft torque curve, and I am not shy about engaging in such antics.

On the freeway I get 34-35 mpg while averaging 80-90 mph on long drives that include low mountain passes. And the car accelerates like it's ticked off even at those speeds.

Hybrids for sure are all the rage in US dealerships for green-oriented drivers, but they aren't (yet) the best technology, IMHO. My 335d (sport, premium and winter packages) allows me to shrink my carbon footprint to smaller than that of a 3-series hybrid driver's while at the same time inducing giggles when I tap into its awesome torque.