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Drives: BMW F30 335i Sport
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2012 F30 335i Sport with 57,xxx miles.

So far outside of standard services I've had,
-Camera Malfunction, all Cameras. They flashed the firmware of the controller to a newer version which didn't fix the issue. Then they stated replacing wiring harnesses until they couldn't replicate the issue anymore. Problem solved.

-CIC Controller replacement. Paint had rubbed off the media button.

-Radio buttons replaced. Cracked paint.

-HUD glass vibrating.

-CIC screen flexing making plastic cracking noises.

-Gas cap lock not functioning properly (Would "lock" but wouldn't actually extend the locking bar).

-Oil filter housing leaking oil. Replaced the Gasket.

-Drivetrain malfunction. Ended up being a failed fuel rail sensor needing to be replaced.

So far that's it. Every single one of the above was covered by BMW under warranty.