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2014 335i, Drivetrain malfunction at approx 27000 miles.
Very excessive soot on tail pipes, pronounced engine bucking, engine would stall.

Cause: Bad injector.
Remedy: BMW replaced 1 bad injector and 1 fouled plug.
All good for 5 days then same problem, even more severe this time.
Cause: 2 bad injectors, don't recall the cylinder numbers I'd have to look at the paper work.
Remedy: BMW replace the 5 injectors remaining and 5 plugs.
All good from then on, at 31,000 miles now.
Always run Shell V Power 93 octane.
I drive in sport mode / manual mode 95 % of the time, 90 percent highway time at 65-75 mph.
Some fair amount of spirited driving as well.
Wondering if I should anticipate this cropping up in another 25,000 miles.
Sort of like Mark Twain’s story…when he was fifteen he was surprised that his father had been able to live so long, considering how little he knew.