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people constantly go through identity crisis. its cool now to care about the world and whatever; you can get ridiculed or called selfish for only caring about your family and yours.

i don't know where i stand honestly. For example how do you tax jeff bezos more. most of his income is amazon stock; so do we cripple amazon to pay for peoples healthcare so they can abuse it. people love amazon. why would bezos busted his ass to make it scaleable if he wasn't going to the top man. I am still in utter shock how amazon has scaled this delivery model and competes has walmart changing their prices. that takes a work ethic that i can't even conceptualize. but hey just got lucky so lets take his money right. everyone wants a piece of the pie but don't want to work.

i've seen the quailty of healthcare decrease significantly because now everyone gotta get it. doctors nickle and dimeing you because they don't get paid. Their office staff (or medical group now abuses the system bills a bunch of unnecessary stuff) and the people with little co-pays or whatever just keep using and using it cause hey its only 5 bucks. I can barely keep up with insurance reimbursements and different plans; so imagine what these 60+ yr olds go through when its PART d selection time. they are all out to get your money, and rather you die. its sad but very true. insurance companies penalized if they don't provide affordable options; hmmm lets lower access to our paying subscribers to make sure everyone gets a nice slice.

^just one example of how helping everyone out makes the working man suffer. I get we should take some of the burden; but the extremism is so off the charts. How can the government pay for college. how would colleges stay accredited; why would they even care, it would become like public school system where they juke stats to get more funding. the government just aint going to cut a check for 150k to you to do whatever. everyone without college education what do they get? use it or lose it? we need plumbers; garbage men etc

idk; I hate debating with people who are too far left; i just get insulted, about how i don't care, or just put me on a guilt trip. The thing is i do really care, but people don't care to get to know your side anymore or the human element. just a bunch of cherry picked information to validate their points. i can say the same about the right. im somewhere lost in the middle I guess, and god help me if i think freely