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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
Maybe it's time to move to a country where it's legal and consumed in extremely large quantities over long times?

There is no need to consume mariuana for health benefits.

As with most theoretical studies: it focusses on the things it might do, and less or not on the negative effects.

The biggest risk imho is the mental addiction and the way it may change your opinion and attitude. Especially for younger people.

The euforic way you compose your post seems to me you need an excuse to use it?
Sure I'd say its changed my opinions and attitude towards life in a positive way though. As long as someone is responsible they will still be a responsible person if they smoke weed. I guess it could affect some people negatively but I think it has more to do with the individual than the substance. What do you even consider addiction? It's subjective.

There is a lot proof to the health benefits both theoretically and realistically. Just because its not mainstream doesn't mean we don't know about it.

I just wanted to get other people's views on it. Personally it allows me to question things about life and learn from it, and I feel it gets people closer to nature. I feel like I care more about plants, animals, and other people because of cannabis. But I understand everyone would have different experiences.

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